Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Fifth Gospel

Without a foundation, without a real study of the Word of God, the Church will never mature as Christ wanted us to.

Paul said he delivered to the Roman Christians a system of truth (ROM 6). Who better to lay out truths about our redemption than this zealous Jew turned Christian on the way to Damascus (ACTS 9). So revolutionary was his conversion and subsequent revelations that he took what Christ gave him and called it "My Gospel" (ROM 2, ROM 16, 2 TIM 2)!
He not only taught this everywhere he went, but in his writings he addressed the new Christians on those truths they were not following. Every church had its own identity and its own problems, but like a puzzle we can glean from Paul's writings in this 5th gospel.
The first 4 gospels mainly showed us Jesus earthly life and ministry, yes even His sacrificial death on Calvary. (Ministry yes! Because ministry really means service.) Jesus ministry was first and foremost was to His Father.
He came to reveal who His Father was and how much He loves each of us. And the religious leaders wanted to kill Him for this.
He came to train up His disciples, His understudies, to take center stage when He left to prepare our home in heaven for us.
He taught us about relationships--with the Father & with each other. How we are to live!!!
And He was preparing Himself for the ultimate sacrifice--the Lamb of God, taking our place on the sinner's cross. And opening the door into the Holy of Holies.
This 5th Gospel took in the whole panorama of our redemption. Explaining what was happening behind the scenes of this physical state of existence. Paul escorted us into the mind and will of God, showing our tri-partite nature and revealing that long hidden secret...Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory!!! (COL 1)
How did we get there? How did we come from being of the very nature of the devil and now having the very life and nature of God Almighty bursting in abundance in our new man. (EPH 2)
Paul goes as far as to guide us with the Holy Spirit's help to know and fulfill Jesus' ministry on this earth. Ambassadors for Christ. In union with the Master. Co-crucified with Him. Sharing & partaking of His life in this mortal body. Co-laborers with the Lord.(2 COR 5, GAL 2, 1 COR 1, 2 COR 6)
Even the Apostle Peter condoned Paul's ministry by declaring that Paul's words were hard to understand but nevertheless they were scriptural.  (2 PET 3)