Sunday, November 28, 2010


I love this time of year-- the HOLIDAYS!

Here in Texas, it is a time of change. Nature kicks into high gear and catches us up into Autumn with the rest of the nation.

But to me, it is especially a time to reflect on the holidays. At the same time, it can be a bit depressing, because I know that as quickly as it all comes, it will soon be over. Then the cycle begins again. Life kicks in again...I mean the rat race of work, taxes, yard work, etc.

But the holidays, as I said, are when families and friends get-together -- not like any other time of the year. It's like people save themselves for the get-togethers just as they save their money for the Christmas gifts each year. Or is it tradition that everyone must attend church at Christmas & Easter? Likewise is it tradition to attend the get-togethers?

For a few short weeks it is like heaven on earth -- peace and good will to all.
Even the TV and movies at this time of year portray lives changed because someone special intervenes in another's life, making a change for the better.

The idea I am getting to is the need to stretch this 6-7 week time period into the full 52 weeks of life here on earth.

Not to keep it winter all year as the Narnian witch did -- never allowing the seasons to change. Because God set the seasons in motion painting a picture of redemption for all mankind to see His grace, mercy and love. (ROM 1:20) Just as He painted the stellar constellations in the night sky to tell His story over and over again -- to a people who have forgotten how to read it.

God has set up His feasts in the Jewish religion/culture to tell of His redemptive story.

And the Catholic/Christian church has set up it's holydays also throughout the year to remind us of His story.

God's handwriting is all around us. Don't get so caught up in everyday life and miss the story unfolding around us again this year.

I remember growing up as a catholic boy anticipating the next holiday/holyday, not realizing the story behind it all.

May God help us to open our eyes and see and share His grace, mercy and love this season and always.