Wednesday, February 08, 2012

2012 has been toooo long!
My daughter inspires me to do this blog.
She writes her blog and I think "I should update mine..."
My problem is I'm lazy...
I like to write with pen & ink, and I think it's good
but then transferring it to this blog is where I lose it.
, type (which is not mine forte), etc...
So maybe this year I'll keep up with this more, more than...
This is a year of divine expectation...2012!

God is on the move.
All the religions of the world recognize that something is stirring.
Prayers are going up all around the world for God to intervene in this world's problems.
Confidence in the governments of this world is at an all time low.

Why? Because they cannot fix the problems society has been facing this last 10 years.
9-11 shifted society's outlook on life and government leaders have been desperately trying to define that collective personality.

For years they have been blowing their own horn --
that they can fix everything --
that they have all the answers.
And now they are failing.
Calamities and crises have toppled this house of cards.
And they still say they can fix it. ("Give us more money!")

Now What!!!
Who do we turn to for help, for answers...